Who are we?

Tapari Limited produces  environmentally-friendly catering products. Established in 2017, Tapari has a multinational team, the company being held in the UK while our partners are in Nepal. Our mission with Tapari is to positively impact to the world in three core ways – we want to help the world environmentally, socially, and economically. With our green solution to disposables and catering supplies we believe that Tapari products will add huge value to a number of businesses and individuals within Europe & much of the western world. Tapari LEAF Products are of high quality, unique, and affordable – and this why we’re sure that they will help so many people to offer their alternative disposables and eco-friendly tableware.


Our Mission and Products

Our core mission is to provide the world with the highest quality eco food packaging solutions.

The world is suffering with plastic pollution more than ever, and with biodegradable and plastic-free products like ours, users will be reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill, in the oceans or littered in nature.  Our main products are disposable leafware. The most important factor behind our products is that they’re made entirely from Sal tree leaves so are completely compostable and environmentally friendly. This means that the effect of our products on the environment around the world is a positive one, even if they’re littered. Our leafware is often used to serve meals and take-away food at weddings, parties, festivals, and other events. Being hand-stitched, each one is unique and this provides a wonderful talking point for all those who use our products.

Who do we serve?

We primarily serve commercial food businesses, restaurants and catering companies. We also sell products to event organizers, wedding planners and party holders as well as general household consumers. Our customers are not restricted in demographics so we currently sell in retail shops and aim to get Tapari leafware into large supermarkets and chain stores very soon. Our overall aim is to sell Tapari products globally.