The Sal tree also known as Shorea robusta is commonly found in many parts of India and Nepal and holds a special religious significance. But besides being sacred for this reason, the tree also offers some amazing health benefits.  


The tree offers amazing astringent properties which can be a very effective remedy against diarrhea and dysentery. The extracts from the tree are considered as strong astringent agents.

Since the sal tree has these astringent properties, it is also an important ingredient in herbal ointments for skin diseases and ear ailments. There are several shorea ointments available for skin troubles as well as hair care products. The sal tree is known to have effective therapeutic benefits which can be very good for you, it gets these therapeutic properties from an oleoresin, which contains triterpenoids, the derivatives of ursonic, oleanane and a triterpene acid.  The resin is also burnt as incense and the fumes obtained are said to have medicinal properties.  Other popular uses of sal tree include natural remedies for problems like diabetes, nervine pain, arthritis, burns, ulcers, and jaundice and piles.


Also known as Indian dammer, bark, leaves, friut and resin from the Sal tree have been popularly used in Ayurveda, Unani and tribal systems of medicine. It offers strong ability to stop bleeding piles and provide relief to the patient.


Many people claim resin obtained from the bark of sal tree can be used for effective relief from arthritis. Take a few grams of the resin and mix it well with white of an egg and apply the paste on the affected portion. It can supposedly give relief from joint pains caused by arthritis.

Antibacterial Properties

Sal leaves and resin have antibacterial properties that can kill germs and bacteria. Herbal cream prepared from Shorea leaves is applied to wounds for quick healing and to protect skin from infection.

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