Wholesale Information

  • Who can be a wholesale buyer?

Any company or individual who requires large quantities of our products for retail or for direct use can become a wholesale buyer with Tapari. One-time wholesale orders are accepted and  private orders are also accepted. We are searching for wholesalers and distributors all over the UK but also worldwide, so wherever you are we can arrange shipments to you.

  • What is the process to become a distributor?

To become a wholesale customer with Tapari products you simply need to fill out the form below with your requirements. From there you can fill out a form with your requirements and request details about our products such as quantity,  which product(s), delivery location , and level of urgency for you order fulfilment. For your information the minimum order amount to be a wholesale buyer customer is 1000 PCS.

  • Why become a wholesale buyer?

By becoming a wholesale buyer you’ll get larger amounts of Tapari products for a much cheaper rate, which is significantly better deal than ordering our products directly on the website, if you’re a retailer or shop owner. Becoming a retailer of Tapari leaf products means being on the forefront of the green movement, and the fast moving transition to reduce single-use plastics. This market is in a very strong upward trend and eco-friendly products are in high demand at the moment.